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4 Good Reasons to Ban Superfoods

1. Superfoods perpetuate the good/bad paradigm that is pervasive and harmful in our culture. Superfoods won’t make you live forever any more than ramen will kill you dead.

2. It exploits the Natural Resources of other countries (Social Justice).
Food is about pleasure and culture at least as much as it is about health. No matter how mainstream quinoa becomes it will never have the cultural significance it does to the people for whom it is a staple food. The “science” that catapults these foods into national prominence as a “super food” are often small “studies” are small, retrospective, epidemiological, etc. This is not “science” enough to become “law” (correlational).

3. Ignores the fact that our diets aren’t made or broken on one food, one meal or even one day.

4. Ignores the other aspects of health like movement, rest, spirituality and however else health is defined by you.
Life is a balance. If you’re tipping the scale too far in favor of “superfoods” what are you missing?

There is no magic bullet. Eat what you love. Leave the hype behind.