Always, Never, Sometimes

“Stretches every runner should do.” “ Foods you should never eat.”
I think these are called “click bait” which Urban Dictionary defines as;
An eyecatching link on a website which encourages people to read on. It is often paid for by the advertiser (“Paid” click bait) or generates income based on the number of clicks.

What these “stories” have in common is that they are mostly someone’s opinion. Sometimes the opinion is valid, rooted in the scientific method. Sometimes the truth lies somewhere in between. Sometimes they are so nonsensical they defy logic. What these absolutes do have in common is that they are extrinsic. Relying on someone else to tell you how to exercise and what to eat. Again, I look to babies as an example. No one has to tell a baby to move. They know when they need to wiggle! Music comes on they are shaking their little bodies. Likewise they never choose food based on its ORAC count or saturated fat content. They eat what they like and stop when they are full. Have you ever tried to coax a baby to eat just one more bite (a very bad thing but a topic for another day)? She will either clamp down her little jaws so tight you will not get a spoon in. Or, if the child is less opinionated, she may eat the food only to vomit it up a short time later. Over time we learn to override our internal hunger and satiety cues by “finishing our plates” and “waiting until meal times.” But what if we all just “tuned in and tuned out” (to borrow a phrase from my parents generation? We tuned in to what our bodies are telling us and tuned out all the noise that doesn’t help. We’d become the boss of ourselves and give ourselves the permission to eat, love, move and live!